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About Us

Authentic Public Speaking


We help our clients deliver successful speeches, pitches and presentations.

We work with senior executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians, thought leaders, media personalities, charities and corporate teams.

We help our clients with all aspects of public speaking, from clarity of structure to authentic delivery, developing a real connection with their audience.



Effective Personal Impact


We help our clients build on both their public and their personal communication skill sets – from conferences to conference calls, from internal meetings to external client meetings.

We want you to be the best ‘you’ that you can be.



Successful Media Skills


We work with senior leaders and their teams to develop a strong media strategy so whatever their needs are, we help increase the confidence of their delivery and the clarity of their message for maximum impact and influence.



Professional writers


We are able to advise clients on the structure and content of their messages. Our input into pitch preparation has helped many companies win new business.



Cross-cultural experience


The Zone 2 team work all over the world giving keynote speeches, delivering 1-1 coaching sessions and running group workshops. This wealth of cross-cultural experience is invaluable to our international clients.





Our experience, enthusiasm and sense of humour, make our sessions memorable, fun and highly effective.



Let’s talk


We would love to speak with you about your team.



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